Should I Set Up a Trust for My Pet?

Should I Set Up a Trust for My Pet?

While some readers might think this unusual, others will see the truth here. (??)

Pets: We cherish them, adore them, and enjoy their company. We might think we need our pets, but in truth, our pets need us to survive.

Even after we are unable to, we want our beloved animals to continue to receive care and love.

Does my pet need a trust?

A pet trust can entrust your pet to the right care

Your pet requires a specific care regimen to give it the best life. If you become ill, incapacitated or otherwise unable to care for it, you can use a pet trust to ease your worry.

Many people think that they can provide the same specifications in their will. However, pet care instructions included in a will cannot be enforced.

Ohio trust code allows you to create a trust specifically for the care of your pet while you are planning your estate.

A pet trust is a legal arrangement that specifies how your animal companions would be cared for and taken care of financially if you pass away, or if you become ill or disabled and can no longer take care of them yourself.

How do I form a trust for my pet?

There are a few simple steps to creating a trust for your pet. Think about who you want as a trustee and caregiver. Write down your pet’s care instructions, and consider how you will fund your trust.

  1. Ask your attorney to help you appoint trustees to administer the trust, select potential caregivers and choose an advocate to oversee the trust
  2. Take photos of your pet to give to the advocate of the trust
    1. If possible, microchip the pet. This ensures that the caregiver cares for your pet and does not “replace” it with a similar-looking animal
  3. Give pet care instructions, denote any health concerns, make provisions for regular veterinary checkups, and state how you want the pet to be treated after its death
  4. Fund the trust through a life insurance policy or other source. Ask your attorney for advice on the best way to administer funds.


Throughout the process of creating a trust for your beloved furry (or scaly or feathery) friend, it’s nice to have an attorney on your side. Contact us today to ease your worry and make sure your pet is in good hands.