Why Estate Planning is Important For All Ages

Why Estate Planning is Important For All Ages

Building an estate plan is not just important for those with many assets or who are nearing death. It’s important for all ages and for those who have a lot or just a little.

Who needs an estate plan?

Take the following examples: do you relate to any of these scenarios?

An 85 year-old mother is in the last days of her life. She’s been sick for some time, and all of her kids, doctors, and even strangers know she needs good estate planning to avoid the stress of having her family settle the estate.

Flip the script: A 27 year-old single mother is t-boned in an intersection because the other driver was texting and driving.

What happens to a 35 year-old father with four kids who has just been told he has 3-5 months to live with late stage cancer?

A 40 year-old entrepreneurial couple with two “children” – one, their profitable business, and the other, their 8 year old daughter – who are taking off for a much needed vacation getaway when the plane engine fails?

Though these scenarios are unpleasant, they are real life. Time does not discriminate against age or circumstance.

Future days and future breaths are measured by One, and no one is promised tomorrow.

That’s why you need to plan your estate, no matter your age or wealth.

What will you leave behind?

For the young with few assets, your greatest possessions may be those little cherubs you tuck in at night. Or your treasure may be the principles and passion you carried to work or the other side of the world.  

At any age, someone must sort out the parenting of your kids, the picking up of your life’s baton, or simply closing your bank and social media accounts.

For all of us – each with different assets, hopes and dreams – estate planning will protect and provide peace for you and for those you will someday leave behind.

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