How to Choose an Attorney

How to Choose an Attorney

Though most of us prefer to live our lives with as little legal confrontation as possible, sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that can only be resolved with the help of an attorney versed in the law.

Maybe you are going through a divorce; perhaps your employee rights have been violated at your workplace; or maybe you were in an accident that caused injury or property damage.

There are other less-unpleasant reasons you may seek legal advice as well. You might be adopting, buying a home, starting a business, creating a will or trust, or simply needing an opinion from someone versed in law.

Why hire an attorney?

An attorney, or lawyer, is someone who provides legal advice to people and businesses and represents them before courts and government agencies and in private negotiations.

Though you can represent yourself “pro se,” we highly recommend that you go to an attorney before you make important legal decisions.

Attorneys are highly educated in an accredited law school. After completing both bachelor’s and law degrees, attorney candidates must also pass the Ohio Bar exam to officially receive their license.

So how do you choose an attorney?

Not every attorney practices every area of the law. Lawyers often specialize in a few specific areas. Like choosing a physician, you’ll want to seek recommendations, read online reviews, or even use referral services to decide which attorney will best fit your needs. Christian Legal Society is a great online resource to help you find a lawyer.  

Want to speak to a person instead? Dustin Hughes of Hughes Law, LLC is also happy to help you find the right attorney.

Once you find a lawyer that fits your need, you can call and schedule a short consultation. This will allow the attorney to get to know you and an overview of your legal issue. A consultation often costs a small fee, but will determine if the lawyer will be able to meet your needs.

How will an attorney help?

Simply speaking, your lawyer’s primary duty is to provide and protect peace in your life. Each legal situation or matter is different, but the underlying principle for each attorney is the same – uphold the law and be faithful to clients.

At Hughes Law, we have an additional set of principles that include the Golden Rule, responsibility and faith.

Remember: You should be truthful and open with your attorney in order to have the best possible outcome. Make sure you are available to your lawyer for scheduling purposes and pay your legal bills on time.

Do not engage in any transaction without an attorney if you are not willing to lose the money, asset or relationship involved.

An attorney may be one of the best tools for you as you exercise your rights as an American citizen and hope to protect peace in your life.  Make sure you choose a good one!

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